The IPL conquering the sports world and it is better than ever


This year was very unfortunate for the Indian Premier League with the Covid-19 situation coming into the scene and it had to be cancelled initially but with that being said it was pretty unclear if the 13th edition of the IPL would even be possible this year or not and just as the fans were positive and hopeful about this being possible there was an announcement that came in confirming that the Dream 11 IPL would be played this year and it had the venue changed completely from India to UAE but the hype remained the same.

The 53 days tournament had to be played but played without any spectators and all of the glamour and excitement and the midsummer festival which the tournament can be rightly called was turned upside down, with being hosted in a different country to being played in a completely different season and weather conditions. Know more about the matches and fixtures and the 2020 IPL list using different apps and if you have the access to your television you will easily find it there. The players have also been put under strict rules and restrictions and will have to follow the rules of the bio secure bubble, where they will be allowed to interact with only a certain selected people during the 2 months phase of the IPL.

The tournament has already started and we’ve seen some amazing performances within just the span of 21 matches and just as we approach the halfway mark of the tournament the excitement has gone slightly higher as the much promising team of the Chennai Super Kings have shown pretty poor performances as compared to their ability, so it has been very difficult to actually miss any of this action and if you are missing out on this you can always use the IPL live app not just to follow and support your favourite team but to even get live updates every minute.

IPL has been one of the most talked about and one of the biggest cricketing tournament in the world and a year of no IPL would have led to some serious business losses as well as many young players that emerge every year with the IPL, not only Indian but from all around the world would have also missed an opportunity to leave a mark and kick start their career at a high note. Because not only does the IPL help business and huge investors but also helps the national teams to identify and be introduced to some extraordinary talents that can actually be a part of the future national team squad.

Watch matches live and sit back with your popcorn or whatever you prefer to have while the entertainment unfolds and new stories and memories are formed. Get the IPL score on your phone while you are working and unable to watch the live action and do not miss out on a single second of this IPL drama even though it is overseas it is still the best cricketing action in the world.